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January 02, 2007


FRANK Kanonik

I travel mostly on USAirways and they have a LOT of advertising while you're captive in the air.

Actually, it goes well beyond the flight. During the process of buying a ticket, USAir tries to cross sell you a rental car and a hotel room. Even your boarding pass jacket has advertising on the back of it!

I don't mind the additional advertising messages that are presented to me. I can tune them out easily. And if keeps the fare prices down, I'm all for it. I like the idea of marketing a particular product to the right (sometimes captive) audience.

Printers can even use your example to customize their marketing pieces to a segmented audience.

But it can also go a bit too far...USAir has announced that the outside of their barf bags are available to companies for advertising their products! I'm not sure that I would want my company associated with such an unpleasant experience :)

keep the learning coming!

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